Saturday, 20 August 2016

CRM Software Development Company in Delhi NCR

CRM Softwares

CRM Softwares, more specifically known as a Customer Relationship Management Tool, is a software used by companies in maintaining the data of the customers in the process of capturing all the pre and post sale force interactions done by the customers.
An INTACT CRM Software which is used by various CRM companies and other software companies like Bsquare has proved to be an effective and useful software system. The CRM software ensures the following capabilities for a functional and successful customer management :-

1. Sales Force Automation
2. Contact Center Management
3. Campaign Management
4. Service Support Management
5. AMC Management
6. Asset Management
7. Workshop Management
8. Loyalty Program
9. IT Infrastructure and information assets
10. Gives a competitive edge

Sales CRM software in India has been strengthening its base slowly and gradually in India. A complete CRM system for small companies having facilities such as marketing, lead management, sales automation, customer support, sales acceleration etc.
Like various other top CRM companies in Delhi, Bsquare provides with an INTACT CRM software too. It is available on cloud which helps with sales force automation and the development of a database by assigning a unique complaint or request no. so that it helps in tracking the complaints by the customers.
Bsquare deals with ERP system and other E-commerce solutions as well. For more information related to Bsquare and its software options, visit our page at or call them at +91-9810889086.
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