Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sales Force Automation Software Company India

SFA or Sales Force Automation Software is a process to automate tasks specifically used in the business of sales. This usually involves the involvement of creation of software sales force automation. And B Square Solutions Private Limited is one of the largest and fastest growing Sales Force Automation Software Company in India.
B Square Solutions Private limited is a leading sales force automation software company in India and headquartered in Delhi. Armed with Industry Veterans and expert developers to develop software sales force automation, B Square Solutions Private Limited has a bouquet of software services in its array.
From ERP to CRM, to Customised Applications; it has the capacity to custom make software sales force automation for small and medium businesses and even large enterprises.
In today's competitive and rapidly changing business scenario, sales and software sales force automation, both, play an integral part in shaping a company's growth and future. Sales Force and Sales Automation go hand in hand and this software sales force automation acts as a catalyst to generate a massive thrust to the sales team.
It brings about a transformation in the sales team and software sales force automation generates a trigger to the sales process and thereby bringing in more efficiency.
Right from updates, to tracking to management, the software sales force automation ensures that every sales call is well documented and the process from the time the call hits till the end is mapped effectively.
The sales staff can then effectively monitor, track and update the records as to the result of the call. In this way there is more clarity, less people dependency and data redundancy is avoided.
Leads are effectively managed and transforms them to prospective clients. Thus one can map the lifecyle of the call and the lead and ensure regular updates in the tracking software.
There is also the feature of Opportunity Management, using which we can enhance the number of leads and analyze lead opportunities. Right from quotes to winning the bid, the opportunity management feature gives your sales force the opportunity to manage the opportunities thus increasing profits and reducing costs.

The Activity Management ensures it has the history of all the activities performed and all team members can be on a common platform and have updates about any specific call/lead or item and acts as the perfect software sales force automation.
Similarly the Quotation Module, enables the sales force to create quotations, edit and review them before sending to a client.
The rights of a Quotation Module are usually given to a Sales Manager and not the regular Sales Force. Thus it is one of best Software Sales Force Automation created by one of the finest Sales Force Automation Software Company in India.

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