Thursday, 31 October 2013

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management is one of the basic problems in almost every company. Ages before integration, when computer was not introduced, paper tables and paperwork solutions were being used as inventory management tools. Companies took so much time, even needed employees just for this section of organization. During those days there were no efficient solutions available for many companies.

Every process was based on paperwork, human fault rate was high, the process and the tracing the inventory losses were not possible, and there was no efficient logging systems. After the computer age, every process is started to be integrated into electronic environment. And now we have qualified technology to implement new solutions to these problems.
Inventory management software is a result of this new era transformed technology. It is basically a computer based system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. Mostly companies use this software to avoid product overstock and outages. Software based systems bring the advantages of having the most efficient control with less effort and employees. These developments provide new solutions for also inventory management systems in this context. B square provides integrated inventory management software and automated equipment control to create a cohesive inventory for today’s highly automated organization systems.

The key features in the Inventory management include:-

      ·         Inventory Counts
      ·         Tracking/Costing
      ·         Backorder Management
      ·         Multiple Warehouses and Inventory Locations
      ·         Automated Replenishment Routines
      ·         Multiple Units of Measure
      ·         Landed Costs
      ·         Sales Analysis
      ·         Sales Budgeting

B square’s methods of software engineering gather requirements, analyze and figure out the, design methods and structures, construct scenarios, debug the faults and bugs, and finally obtaining a new Inventory management software. Aiming to develop the IM software that is able to meet the requirements of their clients, during the development process, they work on many feedbacks that lead them to re-design believing in a significant contribution.
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