Friday, 15 November 2013

CRM Software a Dream Tool to IT in India

Business has never been more challenging or rewarding than it is today. With the dawn of the new millennium a new breed of entrepreneurs find themselves in an “age of change,” the likes of which the world has never known. The rate of change is numbing and this clearly a time to question and re-think. Re-think on how we do business; and pursue growth with new concepts and alternate strategies that are still anchored on sound business fundamentals.

Today’s digital age has made it impossible to read a news story or magazine article without knowing about the impact of information technology (IT). Information is traveling faster and being shared by more individuals than ever before. In addition to becoming faster, IT also has become more convenient and efficient.

CRM software solutions in India are also getting momentum as the CRM on cloud software services has brought revolutionary change in the IT industry in India. While Indian businesses are on a look out for corporate renaissance with Information Technology others are experimenting with such new remedies as customer orientation, customer service & care, quick product launches and niche development. In this burgeoning crowd of corporate mourners, there are several braves and visionaries too who have turned in to an altogether new way of doing business and effecting corporate renaissance through customer relationship management software solutions.

The essence of CRM is to track and profit from the retained customers in the business portfolio. Thus, CRM is a customer focused strategy   that mandates ‘a fine coordination between people, process and technology’. A truly coordinated CRM is a tool for delivering on a variety of marketing dreams such as the following:-

    ·         Dream to target and serve customers on an individual basis.

    ·         Dream to enjoy long term relationships with customers especially with profitable ones.

   ·         Dream to rid channels of the wasteful barriers and distortions.
   ·         Dream to reduce marketing cost progressively.

In  India, the CRM software concept and technology solutions is more than just identifying who our customers are, providing them with a quality service and analyzing their preferences. The key dimensions of CRM that were largely ignored in the past are customer loyalty and customer profitability.

There is an importance of retention of profitable customers in terms of generating additional revenue and profit. Specializing in delivering large application development projects, B square is a recognized leader in delivering CRM on cloud software solutions in India, wherein they collaborate with clients to create a common vision to solve complex business problems while aiming to be the most reliable IT partner.

CRM software solution enhances:-
·         Customer satisfaction
·         Return on relationships
·         Competitive Advantages
·         Number of consumers
·         Retention rate
·         Assessment in the collection  of analytics that help measure your customers value
·         Revenue per customer
·         Impact of order fulfillment, returns and call center activity on actual sales performance

CRM software solution reduces:-
·         Cost to acquire customers
·         Cost to sell
·         Cost to serve
Time to serve

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